Silver Lining

“A genuinely lazy man is always misunderstood” – A Deadly Shade of Gold by John D. Macdonald

The Gate.


Distance to gate from RV: 30 yards

Gate Height: 8-10 Ft

Gate requirements: Gate Guard must open and close gate every time a vehicle enters or leaves the site.

Reason: This is a hunting ranch. It is stocked with exotic animals from Africa as well as Texas Deer.

This is just one of the various varieties of Exotic African Antelope.


Hunters pay big bucks to hunt on this ranch.

Thus, high, heavy fences are necessary to keep the animals from hitting the road to freedom.

However, opening and closing the game is a pain in the ___.

When it was cold, windy, raining, the road became 30 yards of quick sand and the gate was like a kite in the wind. A very heavy kite.

Soooooooooo……….the environment became blue with colorful language.

We were not happy campers.

Times, situations, and people change.

Finally, the sun appeared, the road dried out, the winds died, and with a few ingenious engineering changes made to the gate the job became tolerable.

Figured out that we walk an average of a mile a day working the gate. And, as a result, my legs are stronger, my wind is better and generally my overall health is vastly improved.

So, yes Sharon, there really is a silver lining.

“Their raucous misery was more than idle entertainment; it reaffirmed his own higher place in the natural order.” – “Nature Girl” – Carl Hiassen

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2 Responses to Silver Lining

  1. Mark Bass says:

    Been there, done that; hate open/close every vehicle gates. I have had a land owner or two tell me that he makes as much or more off of organized hunts versus oil revenue.


    • Texas Heat says:

      I believe it. One of these animals got out on a ranch and it cost Conoco $25,000. On some ranches all the animals are GPS tagged.


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