Psycho Magnet

“This was something else, a swamping emptiness that carved him up from the inside” ” – “This Is What I Want” by Craig Lancaster

 Time for me to face the truth. I could be a Psycho Magnet.

 Weird people are drawn to me. Blank faces gravitate towards me. Wack jobs seek my benediction.

Is it just me? My imagination? What?

So many questions. So few answers.

Have you ever known or met someone with blank eyes? You look at them and almost immediately your alarm systems go oops. Something wrong here.

It’s the eyes – facial expressions – body language.

And then they speak. Well, sort of. Sounds do emanate. But those sounds are devoid of fidelity, emotion, and fluctuation. Like a low volume buzzzz.

And you know, you just know…………serial killer. Friendless. Pyscho.

Okay. Maybe too harsh. But, at the very least, they probably drool a lot. At home. Alone. Just sayin.

They invade my personal space way too often.

Why me Lord?

“Truth could be toxic in that it sometimes made everything worse” – “The Hollow Girl” by Reed Farrel Coleman

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1 Response to Psycho Magnet

  1. Bruce says:

    SHOULD I BE ACCEPTING PHONE CALLS FROM………………..YOU??????????????????/


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