Recliner Movement

“Sometimes being old was like being invisible to women” – “The Hollow Girl” by Reed Farrel Coleman

Brain: Hey legs – can you hear me?

Legs: Brain – is that you?

Brain: Yeah it’s me. What’s the matter with you? I keep sending you signals to move and nothing happens.

Legs: You are becoming a pain in the Ass.

Brain: What? How? Me?

Legs: Do this! Do that! All those years you had me hiking mountains in Montana, running on Football gridirons and marching miles in the Army. Listen to me, Hockey Puck, I’m old and tired. I’m not taking it anymore.

Brain: You can’t do this. I’m in charge. I tell you and all the other parts what to do, how, and when. Mess with me and I’ll cut off your blood supply you idiot.

Legs: I got news for you garbage breath, there’s a movement out there to render you impotent. Systems and organs are organizing. A work slowdown is planned. The movement is taking over. Soon your memory will fail and you’ll drool a lot.

Brain: Movement? What Movement?

Legs: “The Recliner Movement”

Brain: You’ll be hearing from me. Right after my nap.

“You want to suck the dignity out of a human being, make him wear a hospital gown.” – “Innocent Monster” by Reed Farrel Coleman

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4 Responses to Recliner Movement

  1. Bruce says:



  2. Excellent. Now, I can’t wait to hear conversations with other appendages.


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