That’s not what I meant

“What else do we amount to but what we leave of ourselves with others” – “The Hollow Girl” by Reed Farrel Coleman

I give serious thought to my convictions. I can do that because I have so few.

And…………..I’m careful who I share them with.

One minor problem. Well……..not so minor.

My convictions often elicit passion.

Passion not always expressed with reason and common sense.

So God; why did you burden me with so many flaws?

Either give me complete control of my mouth or give my friends the wisdom to cut me some slack.

“It is one of the harsh paradoxes in life that everybody dies, but not everybody grows up.” – “Innocent Monster” by Reed Farrel Coleman

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2 Responses to That’s not what I meant

  1. I hope this friend always cuts enough slack. Let me know if I don’t.


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