“Sometimes I think our stubbornness in the face of the facts is what defines human behavior.” – “Innocent Monster” by Reed Farrel Coleman

Freedom from pain has its own special euphoria. Normal is at once a heightened awareness of how lucky one is to be in good health.

So I’m eyeing the tube and dealing with the remnants of Stomach Flu. While I’ve survived the main onslaught, the residue of those cramps hangs on.

Anyway – as an aside……….

See, I like to think of myself as a tough guy. Not in a macho way but just as a human being of strong mind and body and thus capable of healing through force of will and determination. I don’t need no stinking Doctors.

What an illusion.

So, as I suffer with one of those infrequent bouts of stomach flu pain Gaby suggests Mentos to heal the wounded beast.

I hide my expression from her concerned eyes and mumble “Give me a break. Mentos. Really? Are you serious? Please lord, let me suffer with dignity.”

Several hours later, another attack.

So Gaby once again suggests a Mentos. So, just to appease her, I take one.

Almost immediately the pain ends. Normal returns. Euphoria.

I’ve learned that pride tastes just fine when swallowed with a Mentos.

Gaby asks me where to put the roll of Mentos. “In the medicine cabinet” I reply.

“We don’t come with slipcovers, so we lie to ourselves instead.” – “Walking the Perfect Square” by Reed Farrel Coleman

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4 Responses to Mentos

  1. I agree, great quotes. I actually think that this is the University of Badger and I am enjoying the education. You have great personal insight, as well as a great way of getting an idea out there in a very brief manner. Boy, do I wish we had some politicians like you. I can imagine you questioning Hillary….LOL Great piece, and I shall have to remember mentos. Ever drop some in a diet Coke? Also, this is a good installment on wife insurance.


  2. I love that quote at the beginning…made me smile because it is so true


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