“The longer I lived, the colder and more random the universe seemed to get” – The Hollow Girl by Reed Farrel Colemen

As I read that line, I realized it resonated with me. For sure.

We all crave order and purpose. Without either, what is the point?

The thing is, as I grow older, the more random and less predictable life on our Planet becomes.

At this point in my life it should all begin to make some sense. Instead, it all makes less and less sense. Seems like chaos reigns supreme. I fight the urge to recoil and withdraw.

Of course, the current conduct of humanity is no different than it was 100, 200, 1000 years ago or at any time in our history. However, the sense of urgency is at its apex.

As a species we have yet to grasp the fact that we live in a finite environment and must live in harmony with each other to survive in the long term.

The dichotomy is that while I believe I now really understand and appreciate how important that concept is, I remain one of the weak links. One of the many. One of the sum of all of us.

I cannot help myself. Try as I may, my fears and prejudices are hard to defeat.

I am part of the problem and no matter how enlightened I believe I am, the fact remains.

And so are you.

“Revenge has a long shelf life” – The Hollow Girl by Reed Farrel Colemen

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