Lottery Ticket Day

“We humans like our myths” – “Blind Spot” – Robert Parker

Headed south today to return to our Gate in South TX.

Rockin along CR 34 just south of Kaufman Tx. Gaby following me in the car.

Suddenly a panic call from her. “Bob………….I got a flat tire.” A quick look in the rearview and there she is, on the side of the road.

At that moment she decides to pull into a parking lot just on the side of the road. Wise choice. Good move.

I whip the Motorhome around, head her way and sure enough the driver side front tire is flat and shredded. Damn.

I proceed to do something I haven’t done in decades……………..change a tire.

While I’m struggling with the tire, Gaby says………..”Isn’t that a tire store over there?”. Where? On the next street.

Sure enough, in big red letters…………Panchos tires and service.

We get Pancho to put on a new tire while Gaby gets a trim in a nearby Hair Salon.

60 minutes………….we are on our way.

I think I’ll submit this as one of the greatest strokes of luck since WWII.

Now………………my time to buy a lottery ticket for sure.

“It was a place to train ants to invent insecticides” A Deadly Shade of Gold by John D. Macdonald

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3 Responses to Lottery Ticket Day

  1. I guess you did get lucky it happened by a tire shop.


  2. Mark says:

    A sure sign of my age is the fact that I don’t go anywhere without Good Sam Roadside service. And it doesn’t even have to be my car!


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