Unintended Consequences

“The essential struggle of being human is to grapple with questions for which there are no easy answers.” – “Innocent Monster” by Reed Farrel Coleman

Have you ever said something purely benign or performed an act of benevolence that is misunderstood and produces unintended consequences? Pain? Damaged relationships?

Recently, my mouth, totally oblivious to the dynamics of a certain situation and with purely good intentions, created a state of affairs destined to explode several hours later.

A day later I’m confused. How did this happen?

Should I have known that one of the individuals is a semi whack job and prone to egocentric behavior? Were there signals I missed?

Realistically, having known this guy for only a few hours, it is ridiculous to even consider the question.

And yet I do. It bothers me. I should have given more thought to what I was considering. I should have counted to 10.

Spontaneity. A good thing? Hmmmm….

There was a time when I thought that if I lived long enough most of the strange actions of human beings, myself included, would clarify and make some sense.

Now, having somehow lived into my seventh decade, it seems I understand even less.

What is it with homo-sapiens? So much of what we say, think, and do is senseless.

“People change” his mother asserted. His father said, “Not true. But they do learn new tricks.” – Nature Girl” – Carl Hiassen

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4 Responses to Unintended Consequences

  1. We could talk about this for hours… I doubt it we would come up with answers but would be worthy of baseline findings. Hang in there and stay well. Ara and Spirit.


  2. The longer I engage with people on this planet, the more I am aware of the copious numbers of the braindead. They are to be ignored, since they add nothing to joy. These humorless cretins are as important to me as words from a politician’s mouth. Now, sensible people with a good sense of humor…… I crave interaction with these folks. And, you, by the way, are in the latter category. We can’t always state things in a manner which comes across as we intend. This is part of being a human being. Those who can’t cope with humanity should consider a different planet.


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