Drop Out

The oldest word in the English language is `town. `

We are enjoying some time off and right now my imagination is failing me. I can think of nothing to post in my blog.

My significant other has not defied me with any female logic stuff in the last few days so my favorite topic is barren.

We could be at war with Venezuela and I wouldn’t know it. Nor would I care.

Maybe the Pope has decided to get involved in our politics. I’d care to the extent that such an act would further validate my fears of all organized religion.

The Texas Longhorns got their lunch handed to them by Notre Dame over the weekend so there goes my Saturday football interest.

No wait. TCU kicked Minnesota’s butt. OK. Hang on gang. All is not lost.

`Go` is the shortest sentence in the English language.

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2 Responses to Drop Out

  1. Texas Heat says:

    I have amended this post. The first version contained a “childish” reference to the Pope as pointed out to me by a reader. After re-reading the post I had to agree my choice of words was childish and inappropriate.
    I’m truly sorry I offended anyone.


    • I think your reference was spot on. This sitting pope has made some outlandish political statements and obviously more interested in entertaining splinter groups etc than doing his job. Frankly, if it offended anyone, they need to get a grip. The pope is not God.


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