Say What?

“The calendar turns with indiscriminate savagery” ” – “This Is What I Want” by Craig Lancaster

So after a long day and a late supper we retired to bed, two dog tired, old folks.

My wife, in a rare moment of dry wit offered: “So do you want to be on top or should I be on top.”

Eyes pop open, stunned by the implication.

Several awkward seconds pass as I digest the possibilities. Finally I blurt out – “Please tell me you’re not serious.”

Dead silence and then we both break out in raucous laughter which lasts for several minutes.

At this point, even though I don’t smoke, I needed a cigarette.

Sex in your seventies.

“Marital ignorance is bliss, but willful ignorance is just stupid.” – “Radiant Angel” by Nelson Demille

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2 Responses to Say What?

  1. That, my friend, was hilarious. Good job.


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