Like many, I love to read. I would be lost without my books. My favorite authors.

There are many great writers with wonderfully insightful observations. I enjoy sharing a few of them on my blog pages but there are so many that it would be impossible to share them all in this lifetime.

So here are a few more I like and hope you will as well.

“Unresolved feelings don’t resolve themselves.” – “Blind Spot” Robert B. Parker

“The further society gets from the truth, the more it attacks those who speak it.”

We don’t stop loving people just because we hate them, but we don’t stop hating them either.” – One Last Thing before I go by Jonathan Tropper

“One fragile moment-that’s all it takes for a life to be unmade, to shatter into a million pieces that will never fit together the same way.” – “The Outlaw Chronicles” by Ted Dekker

“Was there anything more disgusting, more useless, than a man devoted to fondling his own intellect?”“Hell to Richmond” by Ralph Peters

“Always remember where you came from. Because fools who have no respect for history-particularly their OWN history-will repeat their mistakes until the end of time.” – “Before the Fall” by Stephen Romano

And my favorite of all is:

“Politicians and diapers must be changed often, and for the same reason.” – Mark Twain

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