“It was only the doomed and the damned who roared with sincerity at circumstance” – “The Red Badge of Courage” – Stephen Crane

Occasionally the term “Caliche” creeps into this blog. You may not know what that is.

Caliche is omnipresent in the oil patch.

Caliche is evil. Caliche is matter possessed by the Devil.

Caliche is God’s way of dispensing justice to Gate Guards who have sinned as well as a reminder to those who are thinking about it.

Caliche is the great destroyer of A/C units.

And on and on and so forth and so forth.

Webster defines Caliche as:

“A surface deposit consisting of sand or clay impregnated with crystalline salts such as sodium nitrate or sodium chloride.”

And this is what it looks like when agitated by vehicles.

DSC01022 - Copy (2)

Empty road to our gate

DSC01023 - Copy - Copy

18 wheeler hauling down the road-stirring up the Caliche


DSC01025 - Copy

Passing our gate

DSC01026 - Copy



An East wind blows this fine powder over us and obliterates the view.


Auto caliched.

“Fate is what the Gods give you when you run out of luck.” – “Radiant Angel” by Nelson Demille

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10 Responses to Caliche

  1. BRUCE BADGER says:

    INTERSTNG  !!!!!!! Kiss my Tennessee dirt !!!! BB


  2. Judy Vaughan says:

    You are so right. (Ouch!!! That last word was tough)


  3. We have a oil patch near us and you can always tell when they are traveling the roads leaving behind a trail of solid dust. Around here for years people would use it in their driveways I know that had to be a bad idea because all that dust would end up in the houses at some point.


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