“It’s like his tongue come off the hinges.” – “Lucky You” by Carl Hiaasen

The heat is getting to all of us. Even the Ice Man.

It’s 101 outside. A guy driving an ice truck pulls up to the gate. I recognize him and log him in.

As he prepares to drive through he asks “When are you going to let it cool off?”

The way he said it, it really wasn’t a question. It was a statement. A complaint.

He makes a living selling ice. He shouldn’t be complaining about the heat.

With sweat running down my face in the 101 degrees and after what seemed an eternity of silence, I said – “You dumb s____, if I could I would and then you’d be out of a job.”

He looked at me for a moment and then said – “You know…….you’re right.” With that he drove off in a hot cloud of caliche dust.

I need a vacation.

“There are some seriously messed-up people in this world.” – “Chomp” by Carl Hiaasen

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5 Responses to Heat

  1. Kerry Jackson says:

    The ice guys that come through my gate are the most miserable SOB’s, I can’t imagine what they would be like in a truly miserable job this time of year!


  2. How you have maintained your “cool” this long is a testament to your character. I think I would have snapped a long time ago and probably get shot in Mexico, since they have laws against illegal immigrants.


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