Gadget Freaks

“Advancing age hadn’t been good for much-the wisdom overblown and the bodily breakdown undersold.” – “The Redeemers” by Ace Atkins

The subject of gadgets and gadget freaks came up recently.

Gadgets is really a misnomer. The implication is that the acquisition of a certain genre of stuff is tantamount to a disease. An evil, sinister affliction.

Hard as it may be to believe, some have actually accused me of being one of them. I know. I was shocked too.


Having said that, I do confess to a certain weakness. Occasionally I partake. Once in a Blue Moon. Hardly ever.

But when I do………………………what I acquire is good stuff. Important stuff.

Recently I acquired a combination Weed Wacker, Saber Saw and Automatic Viagra dispenser. You should see the look on my wife’s face when I fire that baby up.

I have a few senior gadgets. No………….tools. Tools for the elderly. Devices I need to sustain and enjoy life.

OXIMETER This is an Oximeter. It measures Oxygen levels in your blood as well as your pulse. 96% or better is good. When this baby measures 88, you get put on oxygen.


Recognize this? Blood pressure and pulse rate. As evidenced by my readings on these essential tools, I am a STUD.

“If one wishes to enjoy newspapers, it is wise to halt all intellectual development right at the age of 12. The schools are doing their level best to achieve this goal.” – A Deadly Shade of Gold by John D. Macdonald

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5 Responses to Gadget Freaks

  1. harry bellerby says:

    I helped make Ron Popiel A gizilionaire. I had a pocket fisherman, a chicken roaster(set it and forget it).I did draw the line at the spray on hair!!!


  2. hahahahaha….OK…I may be the only one who gets it and cares, but I need to know where you got the “weed wacker (sic) sabre saw and viagra dispenser?” I looked all over Amazon and Ebay and cannot find it to include the sabre saw?

    BTW….GREAT numbers on those little gadgets for you….you will outlive me by many years.


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