“I do believe in a Higher Power and I hand that smoldering crap of problems over to him every morning.” – “The Redeemers” by Ace Atkins

I wish I could do that. Distance myself from bad stuff. Remove the detritus of my life with a simple act. “Here……you take this. I can’t deal with it anymore.”

God……..the ultimate garbage collector. The original recycler. After all, he either gave us the garbage to begin with or easy access to it. Temptation. A weak mind. Bad luck. Lousy parents. Unfortunate circumstances. The garbage of life.

So, like many I’m sure, I lug some of this stuff around and expend way too much time, energy, and effort trying to come to grips with it.

“Bad stuff is like tar. It’s hard to wash off.” – “The Redeemers” by Ace Atkins

These folks claiming to give God all their problems allowing them to cavort through each day like some goofy clown are delusional.

What I think God really does is tell each of them – “Hey……don’t try to pawn your garbage off on me. I gave you a brain………….figure it out. Deal with it.”

Now……………if I could only find my brain……..

“I’ve always recognized the human circus and all the wonderful creeps you meet on the way to Oz.” – “The Redeemers” by Ace Atkins

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3 Responses to Garbage

  1. bonnie0 says:

    So funny…and then sad at the same time. The ‘tar’ comment reminded me of my truly brain smart older sister who feared our father discovering she brought the new VW Bug home with tiny spats of road tar on it….so (now this is a gal in college at the time)…she took a brillo pad to it!!! Lovely ‘spirals’ created in the beautiful pale green 😀 Brilliant gal…just no common sense.

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    • Texas Heat says:

      Hi Bonnie. How’s temps in Minn.? Did I know your older sister?


      • bonnie0 says:

        Its GORGEOUS here again after losing the humidity 2 days ago. Like me, you probably knew who most where visually anyway. Dear ‘Valerie’ was class of ’63. Taught German and Hx a few very years; worked Soc.Security Admin thereafter. Married 1st time in ’94 and I’m sure happy as a lark now retired in S.C for tax purposes but a home in Delaware otherwise. And in 30 minutes I’ve on leave for a week…yippee!!!!


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