The Muck

“There’s nothing so menacing as a sane person suddenly alerted to his own fate. “Tourist Season” by Carl Hiaasen

With billions before us, billions more with us, and billions more to follow, how is it even possible that any of us is that different? Significant? Special?

Seems to me that beyond family and maybe a few friends, most of us are just microscopic, insignificant bits of the muck.

Faced with that reality, most people do live lives of quiet desperation.

We need something to elevate us out of the abyss. For me, that one thing is a precious memory. A moment in my life. An action taken with no consideration of personal gain.

It’s not much but it does keep the demons at bay.

If you have something like that, you understand.

“That’s what happens when you chase the truth for too long; you finally catch up with it and you’re never the same. Screwed up for life.” – “Tourist Season” by Carl Hiaasen

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