“I believe the subconscious always knows what is best. It is our conditioned, vastly overrated rational mind which screws everything up.” – Tracks” by Robyn Davidson

Other than the money, the most rewarding aspect of working security in the oil field is the number and variety of people you meet.

Most of them come from different parts of Texas and Louisiana but many other States and Countries are represented. We even had one from California. Go figure.

I think you will enjoy meeting some of them.


This is Cory. He’s from Houston – graduated from LSU (odd choice for a Texas boy) – and now works for Weatherford, one of the many service companies aiding the effort to extract oil.

His job on the rig is known as MWD. His job is to implement the decisions of the Directional Driller.

The Directional Driller insures the rig is drilling in the correct direction.

MWD (Cory’s job) is to implement the decisions of the Directional Driller via computer adjustments to a device on the leading edge of the drilling pipe.

Hope that makes sense.

When Cory is not on shift, he drives to the gym in Cuero to work out. He does this every day so I’m thinking that if he stays with it, he will eventually have as rad a bod as I once had…………many years ago. Hmmmmmmm

“Lips, done right, are as much a sex organ as any of the more obvious ones.” – Tracks” by Robyn Davidson

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5 Responses to Cory

  1. harry bellerby says:

    And one day Cory will be the healthiest and most physically fit person to die.


  2. Hey, thanks for sharing. I really enjoy these little snapshots of people and the diversity you encounter.

    I have to comment that your quotations lead me to believe that I am not the one who needs help as you often imply. First, a deep analysis of the human mind, then a sexually-charged quote from a woman who trekked across Australia so many years ago. I am guessing if I spent that much time in the desert…..well, in the interests of sensitive folks who might read this, I shall refrain.


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