Intuitive Flashes

“There are some moments in life that are like pivots around which your existence turns – small intuitive flashes, when you know you have done something correct for a change, when you think you are on the right track.” – Tracks” by Robyn Davidson

Morning Cliff.

Mr. B……………how are you?

Fine, I suppose. Been thinking. Have you ever had one of those moments when something said, not said, or some action taken or not, opens your mind to the possibility that everything you’ve believed to be true about someone is wrong.

An intuitive flash. Ever had one?

Every other week with you.

I’m serious here. Recently someone I’ve known for a while said something that set off a clarion call in my subconscious. The reality was not clear immediately but the words would not let go. Something was just wrong.

Eventually the poignant truth surfaced. That person is less than I believed.

I don’t know whether to be relieved or sad. Probably both.

You are such a sappy fool. Join the crowd.

“You never, under any circumstances, want to hear your doctor say, “Hmm.”       “Hmm” being medical jargon for “Holy Shit.” – “Everything Changes” by Jonathan Tropper

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