Our Neighborhood

“A person cannot endure inexplicable worthlessness.” – “The Quick Red Fox” – by John D. MacDonald

Saturday 5/23

As usual, up at 340 AM to assume command. Coffee – Juice – Muffin. Ready for the day.


Rig up.…..way back there.


Gate secure

7:30 am – Regular weekly conversation with daughter Ann. All’s well with her even though she lives in the TORNADO capitol of the world – Oklahoma.


You can’t choose your neighbors. These people are animals. Do take care of their lawn though.




A big chunk of the day on the phone with various associates, family and odd fellows.

1:05 pm – The rains came. Big, black, dense clouds of thundering power. Lost satellite signal for 20 minutes as the storm blew through. Major crisis.

1:30 pm – Gaby, armed with her smart phone, credit cards, and copper gloves heads for Cuero. A force of nature.

Around 3 pm Gaby returns. With a haggard look she recaps the challenges met and conquered.

The fresh vegetable/fruit gauntlet met its match.

A dreary, cloudy, damp day ends with a bowl of chili.

Gaby assumes the watch and the fate of Dewitt County is now her responsibility.

“I don’t have everything I want, but thank God I don’t have everything I deserve.” – Harry Bellerby

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