For granted………..

“I think that people hurting people is the original sin.” – “Nightmare in Pink” by John D. Macdonald


Back at you. What’s going on?

Just thinking about something.

What’s that?

How much of life we take for granted. In particular, other people.

It really irritates the hell out of me when people take me for granted. Like wallpaper. And more than anything, people taking my feelings for them as their due. Not that significant – just background noise.

You know people like that?

A few. It hurts. And I wonder – how do you get to be that way? How is it possible to dismiss so easily and so thoughtlessly, as if the act itself is just some insignificant piece of your DNA, the kindness and expressions of love given to you by another?

Seems so dad.

It is sad. Especially for that person. What is it like to go through life so blind to the truth? What do those people see in the mirror? I wonder.

We all do that at times……don’t you think?

I have. The memory shames me.

Always put yourself in the other’s shoes. If you feel that it hurts you, it probably hurts the person too.”  – Unknown

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