Calling it quits

“You make a plausible adjustment to the facts of life. I don’t. And that isn’t a virtue on my part. It’s the disease of permanent adolescence.” – “Nightmare in Pink” by John D. Macdonald


I’m calling to say goodbye.


I’m dropping out. I’m moving to a mountain top in Colorado. I’ll build a wall around me and I’ll spend the rest of my life lying there and staring at the sky.

Sounds interesting. And bizarre.

Get your own mountain.

I wasn’t serious you dipwad.

Just sayin.

And when is all this going to happen?

I’m in negotiations with the State of Colorado as we speak.

You have to get permission from the State of Colorado?

Probably. Just covering all bases.

But why?

Because most of my beliefs have become irrelevant, most of my friends have disappointed me (that wind blows both directions I’m sure).

The paradigm has changed and humanity is exponentially moving towards mass destruction. Simple as that.

It makes me very uncomfortable. And I don’t like it one bit.

Wow. You are running away.

Yes I am. Goodbye.


“What must it feel like, I thought, to look at something, anything really, and know that it’s for the last time?” – “The Book of Joe” by Jonathan Trooper

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1 Response to Calling it quits

  1. Len muraski says:

    If u have belief in God. Your beliefs never become irrelevant. Sorry for your isolation.


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