The 4th Amendment

“The world doesn’t give even the slightest damn about us or our petty problems.” – From The Stranger by Harlan Coben

I don’t like politics. I avoid religion. Two topics that are at once disturbing, mystifying, and impossible to resolve. Politics make me ill and religion leaves me confused. Both are responsible for most of human suffering. So I refuse to discuss anything related to either.

So this friend I recently touched base with after 50 years texted me. Keep in mind that, after 50 years, this person cannot possibly have any understanding of my core beliefs.

“You are too intelligent to be on the right.”

Out of the blue. What the hell. Normally I would not respond to this type of rhetoric. I’ll fudge a little for old times’ sake.

“I think of myself as a Constitutionalist.” Nice. Neutral. Passive. No challenge here. And, incidentally, very true.

Response. “A constitutionalist only when it suits you.”

(At this point I’m thinking: C’mon man. Where’s this going and why?

Next day:

“As a constitutionalist, whatever that is, how do you feel about Rodriguez vs United Sates?”

“I have no idea what you are talking about.”

(And what’s with the adversarial challenge? While waiting for a response I google for information. Sure enough there was a case of Rodriguez vs US. Had to do with search and seizure. Cops pulled a guy over for a minor traffic violation and got suspicious. Called in a search dog and sure enough, found drugs in the vehicle. The case concerned whether or not the cops took too long to search.) You can google the case for more info if interested.

“What do you think of the Bill of Rights…….as a Constitutionalist? The case is about big corporations and the police violating our 4th amendment.”

There was more back and forth on the subject and finally I had enough. Told the person my veracity and intelligence was not open for discussion…….. (in so many words)

Response: “Can’t even have an intelligent conversation with you. So sad. Guess our friendship is over.”

So sad is right. This person meant something to me. Now that’s gone.

Keep your politics and religion to yourself. The world does not care what you think on most subjects but especially those two.

“If someone loves you and leaves you anyway, you enter a whole new realm of self-doubt and recrimination.” – Plan B by Jonathan Tropper

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3 Responses to The 4th Amendment

  1. I will NOT keep them to myself. I tried and developed a hillaryatal hernia. You keep them to yourself if you want, but I shall rant on in the likely futile hope that someone in the universe might have an open mind. It will be fun to try. Luckily your and my friendship should survive since we agree on nearly everything. Except Brett Favre and who shot JFK. You are awesome Dr. Badger and anyone who can’t appreciate you is just lacking in cerebral horsepower.


  2. Mark says:

    Hopefully I’ll get a pass for calling out some of our elected officials for what they are. More to your point I have drastically cut my opining on line. Very few seem to care and it causes unnecessary friction.

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