Walkin the Road

“The man who believes himself free of any taint of madness is a damned liar.” – “A purple place for dying” – by John D. MacDonald

You think it’s difficult to understand others. Try analyzing your own persona. Who am I and how did I get here? The ultimate narcissistic indulgence.

Early in the morning, while Gaby sleeps and I’m alone with my thoughts, I’m prone to walk that road.

A song, phrase, picture, memory…………just about anything will launch me on the journey. As I peel away the layers and attempt to get in touch with my core, the process gets interesting. And complicated.

Raw emotions. Love. Hate. Fear. Confusion. Wonder. Anger.

Conclusion: it’s a waste of time to search for your core. Too many opportunities to make serious mistakes.

I am what I am. Does not matter how I got here. Not now.

“I’m coming to the lonely conclusion that the only thing you can ever really know about anyone is that you don’t know anything about them at all.” – “This is where I leave you” – by Jonathan Tropper

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1 Response to Walkin the Road

  1. A very deep post. I am wondering if introspection only occurs after the age of 60 or so? Sometimes, I might ponder a past behavior, triggered by some random stimulus, and marvel at my stupidity at that moment. Then, I realize it was just last week, and am driven to seek another cup of coffee. Coffee seems to have the ability to absorb painful introspection. But, as you know, I enjoy jesting……

    Seriously, if more people were to occasionally assess their own behavior, we might have a vastly improved world. My experience has led me to believe that few people are aware or willing to entertain the awareness of their individual behavior. They are so egocentric that nothing matter beyond their own self-indulgence. But, you know me…..Mr. Happy. 🙂


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