Say What?

“I’ve got a hideous duet running like a freight train through my skull – ‘Hey Jude,’ as performed by Bobbie Gentry and Placido Domingo.” – From Double Whammy by Carl Hiaasen

(Monday morning…….start of the week…………working the gate.)

Good morning. Your name?

Malcom Lephtover.

Lephtover? How do you spell that?

L e p h t o v e r.    

Hmmmmm…….Pronounce that please.


Are you serious?

Well yes.

Hmmmm. What kind of name is that? German or Check or what?

Not sure. Think it’s Hungarian.

Sounds leftover to me. Like maybe an afterthought. Get it? Leftover?

Are you mocking my name?

No. Not at all. It’s just that phonetically it sounds, well you know…………funny.

What’s your name?


And you think my name is odd. You were named after an oversized rodent for God’s sake.

Ya well………………… have a point. Anyway, why are you here?

To pick up some leftovers you smart ass.

I just knew you were going to say that.

“There is no universal standard for judging a man; it’s all a matter of degrees and a question of where you stand.” – “The Summer Son” by Craig Lancaster

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2 Responses to Say What?

  1. Vicki Moore says:

    Love, love your blog. I have always thought your IQ is way up there…so just an FYI..
    I think you meant Czech rather than Check.
    Keep us smiling!

    Vicki Moore


    • Texas Heat says:

      Thank you so much Vicki for that nice comment. For the record I know Czech is the appropriate abbrev. but I was dealing in phonetic interpretations and just got lazy and stupid


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