Gate Talk

“It would be a terrible mistake to go through life thinking that people are the sum total of what you see.” – “This is where I leave you” – by Jonathan Tropper

Easy money……….how ya doin?

Easy money?

Ya….easy money. Everybody knows you got the best job. Robert, Doug, Rick………they all say it.

They are just jealous.

Yes they are.

I might take another job.


More money.

Doing what?

Working in Viet Nam on a rig.


That’s where all the money is right now.

Are you psychotic or something? Why go there. You’d have to pay me a ton to go there. Or go anywhere overseas for that matter.

Most of my work life has been overseas. Worked the North Sea for 5 years.

The North Sea!!!!!! Are you anti-social? Why the North Sea?

No… I’m not anti-social. Just mean.

I was a service brat and I’ve lived all over the planet. I’m never leaving this country again. My bucket list of places to visit includes New York, Gettysburg, Philadelphia, Austin…….places in this country.

Well……………….I’d like to visit Paris again.

What’s your point?

You know………there’s something wrong with you.

“Brave people are one of the glories of the world.” – “Travels in Siberia” by Ian Frazier

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