Get over it

“To make room for his brain, he apparently cleared out all the areas where things like reason and common sense are stored.” – “This is where I leave you” – by Jonathan Tropper

I’m an angry man. Well……..not completely. I’m not consumed with it. But I am seriously bothered by some unpleasant memories. And have been for a long time.

That anger involves some people who did me wrong.

The thing is, when I think about those people or am reminded somehow of their nefarious deed, an unpleasant synergy of conflicting emotions settles over me.

This is not a good thing. A more mature person would have placed these people and events in their proper perspective and moved on. Not me. I have nursed these memories with reverence. For a long time.

That determination to embrace anger has, in the final analysis, accomplished nothing of any value.

Luckily I’ve had an epiphany and finally realized the fallacy of nurturing bad blood.

Bear with me folks……..I’m getting there.

With too much idle time on my hands, I think, ponder, consider, and evaluate the legions of God’s creature who pass through our gate.

So many interesting, pleasant personalities, and life stories. Truly a great reward of this occupation.

However, a select few are a royal pain in the ass.

They arrive here in a bad mood with scowls on their faces and venom in their eyes. At the very least, their attitude alarms me, upsets me, and puts me on edge.

At worst, they take it out on me and set off a whole other set of unpleasant actions.

No matter how you slice it, it’s not a good thing to be angry.

So all of you Seahawk fans, take it from someone who knows…….


“My father used to say that you lived most of your life inside your own head, so make sure it’s a good space.” – “Skink” by Carl Hiaasen

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2 Responses to Get over it

  1. Yes, sir. There are a certain number of people, and fortunately they don’t make up a high percentage of the population, who wake up angry, stay angry all day, and go to bed angry. They are to be pitied….and ignored as much as possible. When I was in business, I refused to do business with these kinds of people after they had proven what they were. I simply told them to leave and not come back. They cost me a lot more money than I could have made off them, number 1, and number 2….well, yes, they are just number 2 and why get it on me! Some bleeding heart will always say, “but, maybe they have had bad things happen….” We ALL have had bad things happen, but we don’t take it out on everybody else all the time, if we have a soul!

    I know you, Bob, and if someone is a halfway decent person, you will bring out the best in them. Cheer up the ones you can and let those other assholes go stink up somebody else’s space.


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