Ernie Banks and a smile

“Sometimes you say all you need to say with your very presence.” “The Accounting” by William Lashner

Hey man………how you doing?


Hmm… seem pensive.

Just thinking.


The death of Ernie Banks and what everyone is saying about him. Good stuff.

I’m not from Chicago and have never been a Cubs fan and I never got to see him play, but I did know of him.

What I didn’t know was what a good human being he was. Everybody, and I mean everybody, raves about his generous and giving nature but most of all they remember his ever present smile and how good he made you feel just being in his presence.

No doubt……he was a special human being.

Do you think he had to make a conscious effort to smile all the time? Because that seems to be what people remember most about him. He was, after all a great player. But most of the talk is about his smile.

Maybe a smile is magical.


“I didn’t know there could be such vast galaxies of gratitude.” – “The Fallow Season of Hugo Hunter.” – by Craig Lancaster

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