“What I had was not a lack of passion. It was an abundance of human frailty.” – “The Fallow Season of Hugo Hunter.” – by Craig Lancaster

Something magical happens when you hear the words – “You are cancer free”.

Your entire body shimmers with the excitement of knowing you get to live another day.

Yes……I am alive.

Tuesday we drove from Sherman to Yorktown. A 400 mile drive on a beautiful, sunny day.

Along the way we listened to a few of our favorite CD’s.

Cruising down 130 on the outskirts of Austin with Nana Mouskouri and Pavarotti caressing our souls and with the sun shining on an endless landscape of South Texas prairie, I suddenly was overwhelmed with a sense of how lucky we were to be alive.

I announced with great enthusiasm: we are live, we are alive.

And Gaby confirmed: Yes we are………Yes we are.

“You can ask why you get another chance, but who’ll give you an answer? Nobody.” – “The Fallow Season of Hugo Hunter.” – by Craig Lancaster

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4 Responses to Life

  1. Stay that way, my friend, as good friends are like gold. And, very happy for your report.


  2. Judy says:

    Your job on earth is not complete!


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