A moment in time

“God, yes. I’d relive it in a second. Just to feel that way again.” – “The Fallow Season of Hugo Hunter.” – by Craig Lancaster

A friend of mine died New Year’s Eve. He was around 74.

Tony, his brother Dick and I ran around together as teen agers in the late 50’s. Those summers in South Carolina were full of fun and promise.

Along with all the other aspects of being young during that time, the music was an important and omnipresent part of our lives.

I love the music of my youth and the sounds have been especially poignant these past few days producing an even stronger sense of nostalgia.

Certain songs remind me of moments with my buds. I can see certain exploits clearly and even experience the synergy of all the elements of that exact moment in time.

In a flash I am 16 again. And Tony is alive.

“May you live as long as you want to, may you want to as long as you live.” – “The Accounting” by William Lashner

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1 Response to A moment in time

  1. The worst thing about getting older is losing friends. And family. Seeing celebrities pass whom you’ve followed. Knowing we aren’t far behind. Smell those roses with me, friend.


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