City Slickers part 2

What’s another word for Thesaurus?– Steven Wright

Me: Did you guys have a prom?

Him: Prom?

Me: Ya……you know. End of the year dance. Guy and gal….on a date……formally dressed up……corsages……tuxedos……gowns……dinner before…….dance after.

Him: Well…..not exactly. We had like a festival.

Me: A festival!!!!

Him: We held it in the cafeteria. There were games and foods of all kinds. Usually somebody would turn a boom box up real loud and people could dance to that.

Me: A festival in lieu of a prom. Boombox? Cafeteria? That’s so odd. No dance at all?

Him: I think a prom was planned but the rich kids cancelled it.

Me: Rich kids cancelled it?

Him: Ya. They wanted their own prom so they spread rumors that the proletariat prom had been cancelled. Everybody believed it and so no one went to the prom. After a couple of years of that a prom for the poor kids was never planned.

Me: What about the rich kids?

Him: Well see….they wanted their own prom. That’s why they sabotaged the schools function. So they had their prom and only invited rich kids.

Me: Rich kids could do this?

Him: Sure. Their parents paid the public teachers under the table. That was to make sure their kids got a good education.

Me: But it was a public school. How could the teachers do that? I mean how could they give rich kids a better education than all the others?

Him: You know……private tutoring and stuff.

Me: So the whole system was rigged – rich vs all the rest.

Him: More or less.

Me: Something smells here. What were rich kids doing at an inner city public school? Wouldn’t they go to private schools?

Him: That’s the great mystery. No one knows.

I always wanted to be somebody, but now I realize I should have been more specific.” – Lily Tomlin

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2 Responses to City Slickers part 2

  1. harry bellerby says:

    I think you need to stop talking to him before your head explodes.


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