“I won’t lie to you but I will give you 3 different versions of the truth”

Her: I do not like that Kenedy Walmart.

Him: I don’t like it either. If it wasn’t for prescriptions I’d never go there.

Her: They never have everything I want. I bought my toothpaste there last week and this week it’s out of stock.

Him: So why go there? There’s a brand new HEB just down the road. Great produce and meat and they are never out of stock on anything.

Her: I don’t like that store. I don’t know where anything is.

Him: If you shopped there enough you’d learn the layout and know where everything is.

Her: What’s your point?

Him: Huh?

“If your beliefs don’t fit with the facts, then just pound the hell out of the facts until they do.” “The Society” by Michael Palmer

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4 Responses to Shopping

  1. I will admit it. I love Walmart more than I hate it.


  2. M D Bass says:

    I’m not fond of Walmart (and the one in Kenedy truly sucks), but the alternative is Lowes for us. Only rarely have we been less than 30 miles away from a Wally World, so we also have the drive to contend with. The patch suffers from price gouging and Walmart does serve the purpose of holding the line; even though they themselves are guilty.


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