Body count

“Sometimes the life we end up living is not enough, sometimes we need a secret to give it the grandeur an enterprise like living in this world requires” – “The Accounting” by William Lashner

Does anyone watch the “news”?


Somebody must watch it. Otherwise it wouldn’t exist.

It never changes. It’s the same song and dance every day. Just a different verse.

And man is it depressing!

So who are these watchers?

Do they feed on a crisis? Do they have a running murder count? Are they addicted to the ills and misfortunes of mankind?

Suggestion for all of you addicts. Stop it! Wean yourselves and I promise a happier, more pleasant life.

“Even my issues got issues. Anything wrong with that?” – “The Accounting” by William Lashner

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6 Responses to Body count

  1. harry bellerby says:

    We must have an informed electorate. How will we know which blowhard to elect next without the news? The new slogan for both parties is we are better than the other guy. In court there is a defense called SODDI. Some other dude did it. These clowns all have clean hands, they never take them out of their pockets as they whistle in the dark. Besides it does not matter any way,we all are going to die from Ebola, or is it the flu or fill in the blank. The sky is falling , the sky is falling.


  2. NEWS=Never Ending Wasteful Shit That’s how I spell it. It moved from somewhat of a public service, back in the day to the mock reality show it is today. I will tell you I watch the CBS Morning Show every Sunday morning and really enjoy it. It is mostly non-political with generally interesting stuff. But, the so-called ‘news’ is just manipulated garbage. I am with you. I would rather watch paint dry. And, that’s the way it is 10-31-14.


  3. Mark Bass says:

    We call the news the “body count”. We’ll watch part of the local five o’clock (mostly weather) and some of the national news in the evening. The morning is my quiet time and, when Missy is prepping for work and I’m cooking breakfast, it’s on as background noise. After she leaves the TV usually goes off and I enjoy the peace and quiet. And; I don’t feel like I missed a thing!


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