The wise ones

“I believe there are people among us who are not simply insentient but are also incapable of thought.” – From “Wayfaring Stranger” by James Lee Burke

Many of us enjoy observations of humanity.

A few seem compelled to instruct humanity.

Thank God for the smart ones. Those purveyors of knowledge and common sense that the rest of the human race is lacking. Those Titans of work ethic. Those pillars of the righteous. The chosen few.

But for them, we, the less endowed, the vast majority, would be forced to endure a life of mediocrity and failure.

With their sage advice, we are able to cope and even progress to higher levels of fulfillment. They give us the tools to move up the food chain.

Their regular comments, decrees etc. regarding, dress, work ethic, behavior, attitude, and even language are riveting. Without those dictums our lives would be less. Our ignorance would dominate.

Most of our endeavors would fail.

“God bless the homicidal maniacs. They make life worthwhile” – George Carlin

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8 Responses to The wise ones

  1. Tom Wallace says:

    Sounds like you are talking about my wife.
    Tom Wallace


    • Texas Heat says:

      I assure you I was not talking about your wife. However, if this did remind you of her, why then you have a serious problem. And by the way, thank you for the chuckle. I laughed hard reading your comment.


    • Texas Heat says:

      An hour later and I’m still laughing hysterically.


  2. Is it just me, or are you talking about liberals?  It is always so enlightening to be instructed by the all-knowing. 

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  3. Do you receive this?

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  4. I learned a new word today so I guess you are higher up the chain than I.


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