Give me a choice

“People are what they do. Not what they say or what they think.” – From “Wayfaring Stranger” by James Lee Burke

Imagine this: you are in the womb and in the very early stages of gestation. God says: Greetings little one. You don’t know me but I will be a factor in your life. Big factor. Very big factor.

But……….enough about me – we need to talk about you. Specifically, what are we going to do with you?

Usually I make this decision on my own. You know – success or failure – short life, long life – happiness – that sort of thing. But I’ve been doing this a long time, a very long time, and I’m kind of burned out. Know what I mean.

So I’m putting the monkey on your back (please – no emails from the monkeys – no offense intended). You make those decisions. Tell me what you want to accomplish in life and I’ll give you the brains, talent, and circumstances to insure your life follows that blueprint.

Given the perspective of experience, how would anyone of us respond?

So many choices – so many opportunities. Which way to go

There is something that I would love to experience just once in my life.

To be Pavarotti, on a stage, surrounded by a philharmonic orchestra and singing “Nessun Dorma”.

To be surrounded by that beautiful, soul wrenching music and to sing with that voice, now that would be a truly spiritual moment.

“Swimming is not a sport. Swimming is a way to keep from drowning. That’s just common sense!” – George Carlin

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3 Responses to Give me a choice

  1. Wow, that is deep, my friend. I think the thing that always pops up for me now when I am thinking about if I were given that open book would be to be able to hit a golf ball and have the mentality to play golf like a Phil Mickelson, or a Rory Mcclroy. All professional athletes amaze me, but the guys that have the talent to play that game aren’t getting the crap beat out of them on a regular basis.

    But, yes, to be able to sing like that surrounded by gorgeous women…..oh, wait, that is another fantasy….yes, to be in the middle of Pavorotticaphony would be amazing. And, I know your appreciation for that kind of incredible music. I always though Josh Groban had an amazing musical instrument, too. On a different level from Pavarotti.


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