“Artificial Intelligence is no match for natural stupidity.”

I’ve been enjoying a recording we made of an Elton John Las Vegas concert. Good stuff. Great rock n roll.

Piano, drums, guitars, background singers, and 2 cello players from Croatia.


Wait a minute. What’s with the cello players?

Why are they there? Really. Why?

This fantastic cacophony of all those instruments just blasting out in good harmony. They all mix to create soul stirring music.

But Cello players?

As I listen and move to the sound I can easily distinguish the piano rhythm, the beat of the drums, the familiar twang of the guitars, and the smooth voices of the background singers.

But the contributions of the cello players?

I don’t think so.

It begs the question…………………….What the hell are they doing there?

“Woman accepts man for the sake of marriage, and man accepts marriage for the sake of woman.”

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5 Responses to Sounds

  1. Um, not sure. You said female so that rules out Elton’s proclivities. Pricklivities? Spelling is so difficult with your thumbs. Or mine, for that matter. I am expecting a phone call saying there is really something wrong with me.


  2. Vickie says:

    Bob…are you no longer sending out emails for new blogs? I haven’t received any for a couple of weeks. And, on another note…drat it all Bob!!! I’m now hooked on Dennis Lehane! Oh, well, it forces me to get away from my desk, kick back and relax…until he gets himself into a jam. Then I get tense:)


    • Texas Heat says:

      Dennis Lehane is right up there with RBP in my book. Be sure to read all of his work. As for blog notifications, if you subscribed to my blog it should automatically send you notification of new posts. Don’t know why it wouldn’t.


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