“We can live with doubts, it’s the knowing that breaks us.” From “Iron House” by John Hart.

Situation: RV roof air fails as South Texas heats up. Gate guards our age do not survive in that situation. At least not well.


1. Quit the gate and take RV to a repair facility. Result – AC fixed at a cost of $300 to $600 lost. Total cost could easily exceed $3,000.
2. Call mobile RV repair service. 2 days or much more for parts ordered and repair completed. Cost likely exceeds $600 with lost wages added. Days of suffering with 90 plus heat.
3. Purchase portable AC unit. Cost – $300 to $500 depending on unit chosen. We would need the unit for only 3 weeks as we are taking a couple of months off beginning 7/1 and we would get the roof AC fixed at a more convenient time.

Option 3, for us, is the best choice.

Taking it a step further, as retailer has a 90 day return policy, we could return the unit once our roof AC fixed for a full refund.

Net result would be zero cost to us.

I’m no saint but something about taking advantage of a retailer return policy like that bothers me. Not a lot. But still.

Wonder if I’m just naïve.

“Everybody has a jury, the voices they carry inside.” From “The Gods of Guilt” by Michael Connelly.

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6 Responses to Survival

  1. JV says:

    Is it the one you replaced a year or so ago?


    • Texas Heat says:

      Yes it is. Pretty sure it is the fan motor that needs replacement. Hope it is under warranty but it has been 13 months.


  2. M D Bass says:

    Have you called a repair person? Most can get you swapped out for under a grand, and quickly if you ask. Roof units generally aren’t worth fixing. Reason I say this is our experience with a portable unit was dreadful. Good luck and e-mail me if you need help.


  3. Vicki Moore says:

    If you have to ask I think you know the right thing to do.


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