Crunch Time

“He could bury his feelings for a while, but there was only so much dirt in the world.”  From “Iron House” by John Hart.

 Wow. June 4, 2014. Half the year gone already. Summer is almost on us. Low 90’s everyday. Soon enough……high 90’s plus will be the norm.

Crunch time.

We’ve been gate guarding steadily for 4 years. Up until recently we would work for 3 months and then take a couple of weeks off just to recuperate. These past 18 months we’ve taken a total of 4 weeks off and it has taken a toll.

Our bodies, minds, morale, and RV have taken a beating. We need a break. Maybe a permanent one. We’ll see.

We simply cannot survive another summer of gate guarding. June 28 will be our last day in the Eagleford for a couple of month’s………we hope. Maybe ever.

Plans are for 2-3 weeks in Sherman, TX for motorhome maintenance and rest. Gonna drop some coin big time. New floor, couch, recliner, roof vents, caulking, tires and on and on. I wonder if I’m working just to keep the old MH running and livable.

After Sherman we head to Tulsa for some daughter time. After that, don’t know. Would love to visit my friend Lynn at Kings Vista in Colorado but that’s a long shot.

Life sure stays interesting. At this point in it, death seemed to be the only remaining major event left. After teen years, college, military service, marriage, kids and several careers……………..what could be left?

Low and behold, we face an unexpected crossroads. Should have anticipated it. For whatever reason, did not.

A decision will have to be made. Do we return to gate guarding in the fall? Do we find another means of income and stay in the North Texas area?

It won’t be easy. I know from prior experience that this strange life style gets in your blood. A few weeks away from it and you miss it. Why, I’ll never know. There is nothing glamorous or exciting about it. Unless of course one loves dirt and isolation.

At first we loved everything. The rigs, the equipment, the activity, the people. Now, all of that has become too routine.

Even the people. While an eclectic group, contain few surprises. More often than not, they just grind away.

Man…………………….do we need a break or what!!!!!!!!!

“The latest survey shows that three out of four people make up 75% of the population.”

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4 Responses to Crunch Time

  1. You are to be commended for four years gate guarding. We lasted two months!


  2. Mark Bass says:

    As far as burnout goes, sometimes you just have to get away. That’s what we have done. Unfortunately we have found that you cannot make as much money as a fulltimer as you can doing the gate guard thing. Also, we tried to keep a 16 year old diesel pusher rolling as our gate guard home, and finally realized what a losing battle it is. We reluctantly “bit the bullet” and bought a 5th wheel and truck. IMHO a trailer is the only way to go whilst gate guarding-Class A’s need to be on the open road.


    • Texas Heat says:

      I agree with your comment. We are so close to paying this MH off that I won’t part with it. I should, but I won’t.


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