Space Management

To impress a womanyou must love her, and say so constantly, you must care for her, always tell her she’s the only one for you, you must be nice, kind and respectful, be smart too!
To impress a guyshow up naked, bring beer.

Humor is the best part of life. I believe that. If nothing else, it helps maintain our sanity. Without it we would probably sink into a deep, dark abyss.

Possibly the greatest source of good, realistic comedy is that which focuses on the differences between men and women.



There have been times, too numerous to count, when my wife and I have attempted to understand the other’s point of view on a particular subject. Most of the time I exit, shaking my head, with absolutely no idea of what just transpired. What the hell is she talking about? Or…….HUH?

I’m telling you folks, we have things buried in the bowels of this 36 ft. long MH that have not seen the light of day, been touched by human hands or even thought about in a decade.

If I were to plant sticks of dynamite in this thing and blow it to smithereens, a few of those items might even surface. And if I stood among the ruins holding a smoldering piece of non-descript goo, I guarantee my wife would say “Don’t throw that away. I need it.”

Living in an RV, space management must be an integral part of life. I’m not sure my wife understands the concept. I do know that what little space that was originally allocated to MY STUFF has, over the years, been reduced to something too small to measure.

Her idea of space management is this: once HER space has been filled to capacity – begin loading HER stuff into my space.

What did you do with all of my socks?

Took them to Goodwill.

But why? There was nothing wrong with those socks and now I’ll have to buy more.

You don’t need more socks. Need I remind you how hard I work around here? Like I wash every day and do I get any thanks for that? Anyway, you only need 4 pair and I need the space.

You need the space. What for? I already need a passport just to get from one end to the other of your STUFF.

I need more space for my shoes.

You’ve got to be kidding me. You’ve got 10 pair of shoes. You don’t need more. You should be getting rid of half of what you have. Then I could keep my socks.

Men. Go figure.

“A woman will say she’s shopping when she hasn’t bought a thing, and a man will say he’s fishing when he hasn’t caught a thing.”

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2 Responses to Space Management

  1. Good stuff. Laughed my butt off but in the tradition of many humorists you state the truth in between the laughs. Well done. I always remember what you said that your first question for the Almighty should you get to meet Him is “what were you thinking?” I am fairly confident that were it not illegal that most women would take the black widow approach to marriage.


    • Texas Heat says:

      Don’t know that I subscribe to the Black Widow thinking but what do I know? Obviously not very much. Anyway, I could write volumes re our conversations over the years but then I need my laundry done.


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