The British

 “You’re not drunk if you can lie on the floor without holding on.”

I admire the British. Though their history has it’s share of mistakes, there is much to admire and emulate. There is language, literature, exploration, Magna Carta, Winston Churchill and, of course, the Napoleonic wars.

Who better answered the age old question – “What to do about the French” – than the British?  No small achievement that.

Then there is the other side of that British coin. These people are weird. Funny yes…but still……weird.

Proof. You need proof?

Monty Python’s “The meaning of Life.” Actually, anything written, acted or endorsed by Monty Python wreaks of loose marbles.


And, to a lesser degree, one of my all-time favorites – Benny Hill.


Good stuff but still, certifiable.

And, since I love all of this insanity, I must be out of my mind as well.

“Two Sisters Reunited After 18 Years at Checkout Counter.” – From Funny Headlines

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5 Responses to The British

  1. Mark Bass says:

    I find you either get British humor or you don’t. I love anything by Monty Python, BTW. I find it interesting that most British shows incorporate humor in them; no matter how serious. Maybe it’s their droll personalities and weather.


  2. I should say humour. English…..ugh


  3. Yes I do agree. But I do take issue with their language accomplishment. I think the English language has to be the most ridiculous in the civilized world. No structure, no consistency. And 400 words meaning the same thing. And the English system of measurement and currency were incredibly stupid. The only Country in the WORLD stupid enough to use the English system of measurement is the good old USA. Even the English who devised this silliness finally smartened up to use the Metric System.

    Their humor is different but humor is always good no matter how bad.


    • Texas Heat says:

      Well lynn…..I don’t agree with you but certainly respect your right to express your thoughts. But then, what do I know?


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