American Ingenuity

“Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.”

I won’t bother you with a lengthy description of the Spartan life of a gate guard. Suffice to say that we are really at the mercy of the weather, road conditions, and local wildlife.

Strong winds often won’t allow us to put our awnings out and get some shade from the Texas elements of wind and rain.

Dale and Shirley, gate guards just down the road from us, have tackled the weather issues with good old American Ingenuity. They built a porch that the weather can’t destroy and it provides the maximum possible outdoor comfort while working their gate.

Pictures don’t do their “Mobile Porch” justice but here are a few.

DSC00906 DSC00907 DSC00908 DSC00909

The roof is corrugated steel. The frame sits atop a trailer and is constructed of 1 in square tubing.

The roof extends up for use and down for storage. The entire package weighs about 400 lbs. and is towed behind their 5th wheel.

They get to a gate – position the trailer at the front door – extend the roof up and shazam – they have this wonderful porch complete with recliners – radio – plants – lights and all sorts of other creature comforts.

I am so jealous.

“Did Curley ever tell you what that one thing was?” “No. He said each of us has to figure that out.” From City Slickers II

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4 Responses to American Ingenuity

  1. wanderingwendels says:

    Bob, do you have a FaceBook Page?  If so, are you at all interested in joining the Texas Gate Guard Facebook Page?  Let me know.  Penny



  2. You said it….ingenious!


  3. PatrickA51 says:

    Looks great, but if they are moving from a gate with the same drilling crew, might be a lot of work. But putting up a screen room is a lot of work too for that matter.


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