Senior Shuffle

“You are what you eat. Avoid fruits and nuts.” Jim Davis

I’ve probably been doing this for some time and just didn’t realize it. The senior shuffle.

I’m not sure when it started but it must have been recently.  Anyway, while entering Walmart the other day I heard this sound that was unlike any I had heard before. Well, a sound that I was making anyway.

It sounded like something being dragged. After some consternation, as I searched for the source, I realized it was me. I was making that sound. I was dragging my feet.

I wasn’t picking them up and putting them down like the rest of the human race. I was dragging them.

Imagine my surprise. How is this happening and when did it start? No answer. Maybe this has been going on for some time. I just don’t know.

My friend Tom would explain the phenomenon as old age. He attributes everything to old age.

I’m a young, healthy, studly, 71 year old man of twisted steel and sex appeal.

Must be George Bush’s fault.

Caution: I drive like you do. – A bumper sticker

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3 Responses to Senior Shuffle

  1. Ok you know I enjoy your humor and attempt to follow yours with my own brand. I have no idea if any of your followers do and, frankly, don’t care as long as you do. We talk often enough that I do know you get it.

    I am going to make a serious note on this one, if you thought that was possible. I really do believe as we age that we can fall into the trappings of “old age.” One thing I’ve tried to do with my voice is make sure I’m keeping all that crap out of my throat so I don’t sound like an old person when I speak. And I do exercise, walk do all I can to try to make sure that the shuffling doesn’t happen. It isn’t as if I don’t realize that I am going to age, but dammit I’m going to hold off all I can! Pick up those feet, Bob, you ain’t old yet!!!


    • Texas Heat says:

      You forget Lynn, you are a better person than I am. You’ve taken better care of yourself through the years and continue the routine. These “symptoms” sneak up on me sometimes as did the senior shuffle. Now that I know about it, I make a concerted effort to step instead of drag. One main concern is that I might look like a goose stepping Nazis. You should see the act.


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