“Sometimes I wish I could put my mouth in a cage. It’s always pushing me into corners.” – From “Zoo” by James Patterson

Think your pretty smart……..don’t you?

Well………did you know that your earwax indicates the type of sweat your body produces and thus the pungency of your B.O.. Bet you didn’t know that old hockey puck breath. Did ya.

Huh…………..I am missing something here? What the hell are you talking about?
You heard me. White, flaky wax suggests you won’t have a serious problem with B.O.
Dark and sticky wax means keep the B.O. juice handy baby.

Wow. Did not know that.

Stick with me you loser. You might learn something.

“The greatest obstacle to discovery is not ignorance – it is the illusion of knowledge.” – Unknown

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4 Responses to Earwax

  1. Love the last quote. A lot.


  2. Oh yeah??? Well did YOU know that if your toes curl when you belch it may mean your whitey tighties need replacing? And if your wife is shouting in a forest the trees don’t care, either?? Huh? Huh? Now who is the ignorant one? As they say in Mesico, jajajajaja. And yes, I misspelled the Country on purpose. Well time to leave the bathroom and get back to work.


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