Zip Those Lips

“Five days a week my body is a temple. The other two it’s an amusement park.” – Unknown

One of the few important life lessons my father tried to teach me was to think before I opened my mouth. “Can’t you just count to ten before you speak?” he would ask with an incredulous crease upon his face.

It took me a long time to appreciate the wisdom of those words. As a result, I’ve tasted a lot of shoe leather through the years. Foot in mouth disease – one of mankind’s great flaws. Certainly one of mine.

I still haven’t gained complete control of my emotions as they move with lightning speed from my brain to my vocal cords. I am gaining on that loose cannon. At least I know I should keep my mouth shut even if I can’t.

Have you ever thought about the one time (for me there are many) you should have zipped the lips?

The things is – once those ill spoken words are out there, it is very difficult to take them back. Sometimes it is too late. They can’t be retrieved.

I sure wish I had listened to you on that one Dad.

”It’s not what you are that counts, it’s what people think you are that matters.” Joseph Kennedy

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6 Responses to Zip Those Lips

  1. harry bellerby says:

    I was going to respond to this post ,but I thought about and won’t.


  2. Mark Bass says:

    Someone once told me that if I ever had something critical to say (good or bad) to write it down on a piece of paper and set it aside for twenty four hours before saying it. Then revisit the issue.


  3. Vickie says:

    Dear Lord…Please keep your arm around my shoulders and your hand over my mouth! Yup, I can identify with all that:-) Vickie Enjoy life now…it has an expiration date!


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