The Big Bang

“Who was the first person to look at a cow and say, ‘I think I’ll squeeze these dangly things and drink whatever Comes out’?”

There are a number of shows on Dish re the Origins of the Universe or How the Earth was formed and The Big Bang Theory etc., etc., etc.

the big bang

You get the idea.

They promised to explain our origins. Wow……these scientists, geologists, physicists, astronomers, and various other assorted experts were finally going to answer the questions “How did we get here and what is the meaning of life?”

All excited, I plopped down in my easy chair and eagerly anticipated the revelation.

This Carl Sagan wanna be proceeded to track the origins of life back through to the origins of the universe and wrapped it all up as the big bang theory.

I kind of followed the logic till he got to the very beginning. He couldn’t really explain what initiated the big bang so he surmised that there must have been a parallel universe that sort of spit us out.

Huh? What the _______?

And he seemed to really believe this. I, of course, realized he was full of dark matter. He didn’t have the answer, but he thought he did.

I wonder how many buy into this line of thinking simply because this guy said it was true.

Another show. How the Earth was formed? Seems that billions of years ago, before the planets existed, all this space junk left over from the big bang was just flying around out there in the black void and every once in a while a few of them would collide and coalesce.

After another 500 billion years, give or take 200 billion, enough of this space junk had collided to form a big ball we now call Earth. After billions of more years of fire, volcanic eruptions, lava flows and 1,000’s of degrees of temperature, the earth cooled, somehow water appeared, oxygen filled the air and life crawled out of the oceans.

Really folks? Really?

These people are no better and have no more of a foundation for their beliefs than religious zealots who claim their interpretations are the word of God and unless you embrace their faith you are doomed to eternal damnation.

Really folks? Really?

Where do some of our fellow human beings get the gall to pretend they have the answer and expect any or all of us to just accept them and their explanations. Indeed, what arrogance, what hubris.

Tell us you don’t really know but this is what you believe. We can live with that. Just don’t pretend to understand our origins. You don’t. Nobody does.

“Secrecy is a vacuum and nothing fills a vacuum like paranoid speculation.” from World War Z by Max Brooks.

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6 Responses to The Big Bang

  1. harry bellerby(Wizard in Training) says:

    My little pea brain can not figure any of this out. So I pick one that makes sense to me and move on. May be “they” are right. Or it could be the Wizard of OZ.


  2. You raise some great questions, there. I wonder if you have considered that we are an experiment? Ancient civilizations saw this as a perfect place to support life forms and thought it would be fun to plant a couple of very different species (men and women) here and watch the fireworks.
    But, seriously….yes, one has to wonder and it all comes down to, ultimately, faith. You either believe in intelligent design, as your earlier post alluded, or you believe an intelligent Big Bang, or you can be like the eggheads who just know that all this cosmic dust was floating around FOREVER and suddenly KABOOM…it started spinning and spit out the potential for a gazillion solar systems, all working quite interestingly, and only one out of these gazillion planets could support life. Personally……I am leaning toward the ancient astronaut theory and a few gorillas got loose and lived in some woodsheds.


  3. Vickie says:

    More and more of these people are crawling out of the woodwork to try and convince people how great they are. More and more of us are just shaking our heads at their stupidity. It seems that there are more charlatans and rip off artists everyday…all out to get our money or get rich from their books. Don’t worry Bob…you have what they’re afraid of…common sense! Instead, just watch The Big Bang Theory and laugh at their antics and nerdiness.


    • Texas Heat says:

      Most of the time I do just laugh. Sometimes, though, it gets to me. Wish I could just not care all of the time. It would be easier.


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