Oh God Save Me

“I found there was only one way to look thin: hang out with fat people.”– Rodney Dangerfield

There are a few TV commercials I consider interesting, humorous, and informative such as …………………………………………. Well……………..hmmmmm.

Anyway, most of them drive me to either cuss at the stupid TV, turn it off, hit the mute button, or run screaming into the night. They insult my intelligence (and I’m not that smart folks). Usually they motivate me to never buy the product or use the service.

You’ve got to wonder what the target audience of these companies is.


This commercial tops my list of mind numbing irritation. What in God’s name makes Vonnage think their stupid, insulting commercial will motivate anyone to use their (ugh) service. The primary spokesperson is a slob and must be the product of first cousins.



Do these guys really need a comment? I get the urge to drink acid as they commence that stupid dialogue.


Eliquist or something

Recognize this guy? He defines smarmy. I would rather bleed to death than use whatever it is he’s selling. The first time I saw this I had to take an enema and stand in a hot shower for an hour.



Folks…….it’s time to flush Flo. She’s been on so long and so often it may require an exorcism.



The guy playing silly games with preschoolers. So sweet. Yep……………..makes me want to extend my ATT contract……..NOT. If this gets on before I can hit the mute button I start to squirm.



The premise of this organization – that it represents the interests of senior citizens – is a big lie. It is nothing more than a front for various insurance companies. Oh…….but that they would be honest about that. Gaby……………………..hit the mute button.


We could go on. There is no limit to the number of classless marketing schemes.

Imagine several Al Qaeda types sitting around a TV years ago and watching reruns of American sit-coms and commercials. I submit that could have been the genesis of terrorism and hatred of all things American. Probably not…………………………but.

“I usually lump organized religion, organized labor, and organized crime together. The Mafia gets points for having the best restaurants.” ~ Dave Beard

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8 Responses to Oh God Save Me

  1. Good post Brother, always enjoy your articles.


  2. bonnie0 says:

    Was surprised the unshaven dude on the Arby’s commercials wasn’t on the list…don’t know what Arby’s is thinking…but that face doesn’t belong in a FOOD commercial…UGH!!!


  3. Oh, by the way, I love that last quote you put on there.


  4. I am mostly with you on this one, big guy. The only difference is I kind of think the sonic commercials are funny, sorry


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