Not too bright.

“Criticism. There is no easy way to take it. It’s like medicine. If you want to get better you just take it.”  – From “The Quest” by Neldon Demille

 OK, I’m not too bright. I know that.

How do I know?  Well…………….I’ll try to make the long list of reasons short.

I’m always deeply disappointed and saddened to discover a person is not of good character. Not because they have flaws but because their soul is tainted.

I’m still stunned and shocked at the level of incompetence, narcissism, ignorance, and total disregard for our history, laws, culture, and the sacrifices of prior generations that resides in our nation’s capital.

I’m at a complete loss to explain or even understand how the American voter keeps electing and re-electing these selfish vagrants. Furthermore, and even more disturbing for me, is to realize that I’m part of the problem.

I’m not liberated enough to grasp the size of the universe and its origins, so I choose to believe that we are alone.

I do not believe Sasquatch exists. Never has.

The list goes on and on but in the interest of brevity…………the end is nigh.

“It’s kind of terrifying, really, to think you’re not even the hero of your own life.”  From Resurection Express by Stephen Romano

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4 Responses to Not too bright.

  1. Lynn King says:

    Well. I believe in Sasquatch. There are indications everywhere. I believe they are the reason McDonald’s stays open 24 hours. I do not believe we are alone. Many aliens are in Texas. I believe Irwin Corey might have been the smartest man in the world. I think Roseanne Barr is disgusting. I could go on, but my computer is falling asleep, just from the boredom of my touch. That is all.


  2. harry bellerby says:

    Knowing that you are not too bright, makes you brighter than most.


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