Foggy day in Panna Maria

Foggy day in Panna Maria

Kinda looks like London town…..I think.

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4 Responses to Foggy day in Panna Maria

  1. Jerry & Rita says:

    are you with BHP/HP505?


  2. Lynn King says:

    You kind of expect Rod Serling to step out there and talk about “….there is a place. A place where the sun does not shine, but is unbearably hot in the summer. A place that will chill you to the bone in the winter. A place where men gather to thrust machinery into the ground so others can travel at breakneck speeds in pursuit of money to pay for the fuel. A place where a man and a woman will sit and be entertained, yet will jump up when they hear a robotic voice warning of an intruder. A place where men are men and slow antelope are nervous…….”


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