Bucket List

“When will the good guys win?”

 “When the last battle is fought between the forces of good and evil. When Christ and the Antichrist meet at Armageddon.”

 “Sounds like a hell of a story. I hope I get to cover it.”

 “We cover it every day, Frank.” From “The Quest” by Neldon Demille

 I recently watched “The Bucket List”, an interesting movie about a couple of guys with a short time to live.  They put together a list of the 10 things they wanted to do or see before they die.


Eventually, I got around to considering my own “Bucket List”. It wasn’t easy and the list changed hourly. Here, for the fun of it, are my current objectives. Subject to change of course. Suggestions welcome.



Win the lottery

Learn to fly

Win the lottery

Tour all of the major Civil War battlefields

Vacation in Hawaii

See Sarah Brightman in a Broadway show.

Win the lottery

Spend a week in Normandy, France

Never have to doubt that my friends are true

Know that my loved ones will never want or suffer


The “Out of the realm of possibility” BUCKET LIST

Win the lottery

Have a conversation with Abraham Lincoln

Have just one more day with my parents

Win the lottery

Orbit earth for a day

Find the Holy Grail

Win the lottery

Jerry Jones sell the Cowboys

Spend summers in Colorado – Winters in South Texas

A day with Joshua Chamberlain

“No matter how thin the pancake………..it still has two sides.” Harry Bellerby (I think)

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2 Responses to Bucket List

  1. harry bellerby says:

    Bob the quote is from DR. Phil. You will never learn to fly ,peter pan.


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