Computer Woes

“I used to eat a lot of natural foods until I learned that most people die of natural causes.”

Last week my computer crashed. Why or how is not important. Well…………..actually it is……if moronic behavior does it for you.

Can’t function without my computer. No way Jose. Finances – pictures – records of family strife – Emails – communication – links to outside world. All done with a computer.

Life, as I know it, came to a screeching halt.

And all because God is out to get me. That……… and a momentary lapse in judgment. It’s not my fault I’m old. Half blind. Barely breathing at 4am.

This type of mishap has disrupted my life before. Too often. More times than I wish to admit. And it is getting expensive. Painful. Aggravating. Embarrassing.

Please God………………give me a sign that I am really not this stupid.

Sorry son………………….you really are that STUPID!!!!!!! No one EVER mistakes an aerosol fire extinguisher for an aerosol of compressed air. AND ABSOLUTELY no one ever uses that aerosol fire extinguisher to clean a keyboard.


One thing I’ve learned for sure from this misadventure is that too much of my life is controlled by technology. I need to get back to the basics and drop out of the techno – nerdy – geek – electronic – mind numbing existence of the 21st century.

Hello early 20th. I am one with you.

“Health nuts are going to feel stupid someday, lying in hospitals dying of nothing.”

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10 Responses to Computer Woes

  1. My dad used to say (usually after I had screwed up) that anyone who doesn’t make mistakes just isn’t doing anything. I feel your pain. I love the way you relate these stories using your wicked wit.


  2. harry bellerby says:

    no comment


  3. bonnie0 says:

    Not ‘stupid’ Bob…simply ‘human’. Its been my experience that the smartest people have more of these kinds of happenings :d And yeah…we’d all be better off to ‘think twice’…with everything!! Your story reminded me of a family happening…that had to do with a very ‘intelligent’ young college girl (not myself but close)…my father’s new VW bug…tar specks on it…and a girl with a brillo pad in her hand 😦 You can guess the rest of this story! Remembering it always makes me smile 🙂


  4. Vickie says:

    Lol…yikes!!!! I’m sorry to laugh at your pain but….why is the Fire Gone next to your compressed air? Okay…sorry I asked. Yes,, we’re getting older and isn’t that a good thing. We will forget some things and make less than superior judgments. But, with that being said, can you imagine how much less you would know and have answers at your fingertips if you didn’t have a computer? I know, I know…I’m preaching to the choir. Good luck with getting back into the 20th century.


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