That’s what I’m talkin about

“A woman gets married thinking her man will change, and, of course, he doesn’t. And the man gets married thinking his woman will never change, and, of course, she does.” – Unknown

Many of our leaders have worked themselves into a lather over the name “Washington Redskins”.

Who cares?????????????

Now……….the  ”Cuero Gobblers.”  That’s a worthy debate.

What is going on in Cuero? Are these parents and city leaders blind to the consequences of burdening their children with such a demeaning moniker?

The students in this school are scarred for life. The connotations alone could give a kid nightmares.

Where’s the love?

It is possible to be derisive and even cynical without being demeaning.

A few suggestions:

The “Turkeys”

The “Drumsticks”

The “White Meat” ……might be viewed racist so…………..

            The “White, Dark, Anglo, Spanish, Afro, Indo, Arab, Asian Meat”. Just sayin

The “Cubits”

The “Salamanders”

You get the idea. Idiotic but not so demeaning. More of an insult.

That’s what I’m talking about.       

I sense a ground swell movement. Save our children. Change that name.

“What the hell is going on out there.”  – Vince Lombardi

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